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The DSC Ethos

Striving for a new tomorrow…

school ethos 1An institution, by definition, is a creature of its own environment. It makes its contribution in relation to the needs of society both for today and for our tomorrow’s. Global society has thus far progressed from being manual works to knowledge workers and today, we witness a transition from knowledge to information workers. This demands a significant change in the mindset of tomorrow’s leaders in industry and communication.

We also find that advances media have shrunk our world to the dimensions of Marshal McLuhan’s “Global Village”. India’s rapidly changing socio-economic environment is witness to the country’s emergence as one of the largest consumer societies in the world. To cater to a more selective society, the communication factor is critical. Indian industry is general and the communication industry in particular are in the midst of a boom.

India is one of the fastest growing Asia Pacific economies in terms of size of total business and government spends. The entertainment and media industry is expected to exceed INR 224,500 Crore from 2012 to 2017.* Print revenue is projected to reach 331 billion INR in 2017. Television will lead the industry and internet revenue will reach around 1615 billion INR in 2017.

These business advances have led to the emergence of new fields, in some cases separate specialised professions in the broad spectrum of communications. Public Relation has emerged as a distinct arm of the integrated marketing communication spectrum. Event Marketing has also carved out a niche for itself. Media Planning and Marketing is a specialised field. Entertainment Marketing is becoming critical in cinemas as can be seen by the increasing number of film promotions. All this translates to a very number of communication professionals required to fill these exciting new positions.

A visioning into the future and an understanding of communication trends, provided the impetus for the creation of The Delhi School of Communication (DSC), in 1995, and a continuous evolution of the comprehensive, 2 year full time Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in Communication (PGDPC) The programme is architectured to be aschool ethos 2 top-of-the-line course enabling participants to foster an understanding of the dynamics of human communication in people’s lives, the symbiosis of diverse India culture and other global cultures.

DSC Provides its community with the facility to study this complex, fast changing world around us through its Integrated Marketing Communication diploma programme. With internships and projects as an integral part of the curriculum, the academic mix is one of theory and intense hands-on practice. Training begins from the first semester itself, under the Apprenticeship Programme pioneered and carried forward by DSC since 19 years. We aim to provide the national community with contemporary and effective communication professionals and leaders for the 21st Century.

*source CII-PWC industry Report, 2013
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