and we have just one mission – carve you into the most sought-after communication professionals in the industry. We’ve already been doing it for almost three decades.

11DSC Awarded- Best MassCom Institute in New Delhi

Becoming a DSCian means learning from the leaders in the industry, finding support from a large but close-knit community and being part of a proud alumni network. We are here to help you learn from the best and prepare you for the opportunities of your dreams.

Grow into a
creative force

DSC assists all its students to power their way through positions of leadership in communications. We show you how you can innovate to create work that leaves your mark wherever you go.

Two-Year Flagship Programme

Our vision is to educate leading professionals in the arts and communication; to inspire generations of students to think boldly and creatively; and to make sure that all we do—as students, faculty, and staff—brightens the cultural, social, political, and civic life around us.


DSCians today are artists, entrepreneurs, storytellers and marketers. In their fields, they are unstoppable. DSC alumni have shown us time and time again that we have been on track, whether it’s our teaching modules or our faith in the students we admit. We’d love for you to come and explore the journey of the many different creative forces at DSC.