Apprenticeships and Internships


The Delhi School of Communication conceptualized, introduced and effectively implemented the concept of apprenticeship as part of the regular curriculum towards awarding its diploma since 25 years.

Key factors in the introduction of the Apprenticeship concept:

  • To experience first hand, real life work environment and organisational culture
  • To develop professional work ethics and a positive mind set To gain insights into communication systems currently prevalent in the country
  • To integrate theory and practice in the areas of market research, brand architecture, direct marketing, media and creative briefs and a host of other related work
  • Acquire and add a high degree of value enhancement to the students professional profile in various critical ways

The varied job responsibilities handled by students of DSC also provides them with a realistic vision of the communication industry in India, as it encompasses a range of activities within this broad spectrum


Students of The Delhi School of Communication are sent for two full time internships.

Key factors in the introduction of the Internship concept:

  • Strengthens the experience & knowledge gained during apprenticeships
  • Provides full time exposure to key functions in the organization
  • Synergizes the interface between theory and practice
  • Evolves presentation skills & enhances holistic personality development
  • Provides varied exposure to communication through integrated learning
  • Encourages learning through intense group dynamics
  • Helps imbibe corporate ethos and character
  • Increases accountability over time by relevant contribution to the organization
  • Builds tremendous degree of self confidence


Some of the organisations where DSC students are sent for Internships and Apprenticeships.

  • WATConsult-Logo
  • Dialogue Factory
  • Aviva_Logo.svg
  • DDB_Mudra_group
  • Brands of Desire logo
  • Brand Bee
  • Bang In The Middle
  • webchutney
  • dentsu-black-high-res_1500pix-1qjmct3kas20cc53rkbhnper2zbwez5t07vnbtopes2k
  • b (4)
  • Contract
  • b (2)
  • b (1)
  • A5
  • A4
  • A3
  • A2
  • V
  • Basic CMYK
  • b (7)
  • Publicis WorldwideLOGO
  • Ogilvy
  • b (14)
  • b (13)
  • b (12)
  • b (11)
  • Leo Burnett Logo
  • j-walter-thompson-jwt-logo-horizontal-white
  • Grey Worldwide
  • Spicejet
  • perfetti
  • Muthhoot
  • Madison
  • Lodster
  • The-STory-tellers
  • teri
  • Perfect
  • Mileage Comm
  • hanmeri
  • Genesis Burson-Marsteller
  • elexicon
  • Edelmen
  • maxus
  • Mindshare
  • LG
  • Fortis Escorts
  • Canon_logo
  • airtel


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