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Prof. Ramola Kumar

Dear Reader,

Welcome to DSC. Founded since 1995, Building Young India, through an integrated perspective to life in one’s thoughts and feelings. DSC is a unique institution. It provides a constructive juxtaposition of one’s needs, desires with one’s abilities. Mere graded examination and intelligence is insufficient until it is synergised with a blend of human sensitivity and connectivities in the social system.

At DSC we strive to unleash,and channelize the creative energy in each individual in an attempt to tap one’s hidden potential.We cherish the student-teacher nexus which is the strongest anchor of each one. Knowing each student by name,batch and their background, the committed DSC faculty provides upto 1200 hrs of intense counseling per student.

In the process of making the familiar – unfamiliar, all learning gains momentum. It consolidates multiple & complex formats to simpler forms making it easier to understand the whole, from a new perspective.

Prof. Ramola Kumar
Dean, DSC

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