The Different Career Options in Mass Communication

Changing times have revolutionized the options in almost all careers that you can find. At the same time, many new and interesting career options are available and the variety can make it difficult to choose one. Mass Communication is a relatively new field which is attracting a lot of youngsters nowadays. This field has many great career options to offer including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertising, public relations and much more. Most of the professionals and educators in this field are trying to add professionalism to different areas of mass communications and many universities and colleges are offering number of professional courses. Almost all kinds of establishments including businesses and government and political organizations are availing of the services of mass comm companies. This is an encouraging sign for youngsters who want to create a career in this field.

Let us look at some of the areas that fall under the field of mass comm

Print journalism

Journalism is essentially the collection and editing of new which is then presented through print media. Print journalism is one of the oldest kinds of journalism as newspapers and magazines have always been a major source of news and information throughout the world. However, in recent times there has been a major transformation in print journalism because the simple reporting of past years has turned into highly specialized and professional field due to competition and advancement in technology. This is an interesting field due to the large variety of subjects to choose from.

Electronic journalism

The introduction of broadcasting in the field of communication has affected our lifestyles and thoughts. Different mediums like Television, radio and others have made it possible for information to reach far and wide places. To the extent that it has sidelined other forms of communication. With the growing popularity of TV, Satellite communication, cable services, radio stations etc. the future of this field is quite bright and so is the future of a career in it.

Films – Producers, Actors and musicians

Considering the films of today there is no dearth of professional career options available in this field. Although this is one of the most competitive fields and gaining success in it is quite tough, but with a lot of determination and the right education you can definitely succeed in it. Films have always been recognized by and fascinated the masses. There is also a wide variety of career options like directors, producers, soundman, cameraman, light man, editors along with artists like actors, musicians, dancers and others. Due to the rapid growth in the film industry, many institutes are offering courses that are aimed at success in it.


Advertising is essentially done to build brands of products, ideas, thoughts or even services with effective means of communication. This is one of the most popular fields in mass communication and many students enroll into advertising courses every year. There is advertising everywhere from newspapers, magazines, posters, signboards, bills and even commercials on radio and TV. Most business organizations, government bodies and even political groups find it necessary to advertise in order to influence the psyche of the masses.

There are many other such career options in the field of mass comm and you can learn about them on the internet among other sources

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