What The Industry Says


The ‘no’ holds barred initiation DSC provides helps students paratroop into ground zero. The course trades in the indulgences of real time interface with the brutal workings of the business.


DSC is a Gurukulof Markteing in the Sarai – mental resting and rebuilding of faculties in the frugal but deep intellectual environment. The students are already young executives in six months and the managers when they graduate. Love to teach and learn with them.

I have been with DSC since 1999. Building and maintaining high standards of professional
education for young adults is a greater challenge today. DSC has built its reputation as an
Integrated Marketing Communication institution with constant upgradation as the basic
element in its programme. As a faculty I proudly share the fact that the enthusiasm and passion
displayed by their students is distinctly visible.


The students at DSC are dynamic, dedicated, go getters, perceptive, willing to learn/improve and have this burning desire for excellence. Working with such a group of students was very fulfilling, meaningful and enriching experience.

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