Impact of Indian Cinema on Society

By Santosh Kumar, PGDPC – XIII

Impact of Indian Cinema on Society is a most debated subject. While some agree that cinema mirrors society, others oppose this theory stating that Cinema is creating wrong myths in Society. The thesis by Santosh Kumar delved deep into exploring the realities behind these notions.

In the thesis which included primary quantitative research across 100 movie goers of age 15 – 45, he revealed following findings.

What Comes Out… The Findings

  • Gone are the days of fixed formula’s in Bollywood
  • The audience has evolved mentally and intellectually
  • Cinema no longer remains only a medium of entertainment
  • Cinema and celebrities now act as mass influencers
  • Cinema has emerged as one of the biggest platforms for Brand Endorsement

Will It Work..? The research revealed the following:

  • Celebrities carry larger than life images
  • They are opinion leaders
  • They are style icons
  • Audience relate themselves with movies
  • New fashion trends see light in Bollywood

The thesis thus revealed that celebrities are hogging the limelight even in “daily affairs” and stardom is entering living & family chat rooms.

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