Holistic Education

Several activities and experiments at DSC make it an extremely close-knit family. Truly the flavor of life and its celebration!

Some unique initiatives are:

1. Spiritual Learning – At DSC efforts are made to imbibe practices, integral to our heritage & societal roots. We start the day with a prayer.

2. A global rendezvous via ‘culture presentations’ transforms the class environment into a global carnival. Do try some Italian vine or Swiss chocolates, come visit the jungles of Africa … experience the carnival!

3. Contribution to society:  The DSC family constantly undertakes efforts to give back to society a little bit of what we have gained from it.  Every year members of the academia and student body teach the underprivileged children and adults residing in Saket and surrounding areas, helping them earn their livelihood.

4. The vast bouquet of awards and scholarships make DSC truly inspirational in promoting a spirit of excellence.

5. More than 1200 hrs of intense counseling to each student enables close monitoring and phenomenal overall evolvement.

6. This necessarily helps to identify each students growth pattern and match it to job opportunities available.

7. Every small event is a celebration for us…rest assured your birthday will not go unnoticed!

8. We are conscientous of our environment …we recycle waste paper, use print-outs only when necessary, we have rain water harvesting facility in our small, beautiful and very green campus.

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