Communicating Religion

By Ms. Megha Jaiswal PGDPC XV

Religion is a topic which is most sacred to majority of the people. People are born by it and they die by it. Religious sentiments are ingrained in people right from the time they can comprehend things. There are many sections of people who are frantic about their religion.From centuries before, religion has been communicated to keep people informed about the God’s messages, to transform them and to spread the religion beyond boundaries.Religion has lead to many wars, bloodshed as well as it unites people and forms communities.

Our religious belief raises its head on an everyday basis whether in terms of superstition, habit or conscious decisions. Religion is the crux of any society and forms its beliefs and ideas. Since time immemorial religion has been injected in people’s blood. Earlier times saw priests or hermits, maulvi’s and Pope spreading knowledge about religion. Even now the scene hasn’t changed much but with digitalization coming in, things have become more high tech. There are different ways through people choose to communicate about their faith in order to

inform, address or transform people and this thesis focuses on a few of those. Evangelism- Evangelism is the practice of relaying information about a particular set of beliefs to others who do not hold those beliefs. Throughout most of its history, Christianity has been spread evangelistically, though the extent of evangelism has varied significantly between Christian communities, and denominations. Music- At its most basic level, gospel music is sacred music. It is a unique phenomenon of Americana which had its earliest iterations toward the end of the nineteenth century. It is folk music which suggests that it and its secular counterparts are greatly influenced by each other. Just as much of the contemporary gospel music of today sounds like R & B and Hip-Hop, so did most of the early gospel music sound like the Blues. Gospel, meaning “good news,” derived its name from it close connection with the gospels (books in the New Testament).

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