Mass Communication Courses in Delhi

What you need to know about mass communication courses in Delhi

Mass communication is a wide field and there is a possibility of creating multiple careers with a degree in mass communication. However, the choice of career in this field will depend on your natural interest and skills. Film making, content writing, print media – newsletters and editorials, online media, TV media, script writing and copy writing, and many others are the different subjects in mass communication. All these subjects are taught in the mass communication courses in Delhi run by different colleges. Even today many people mistake mass communication with journalism, but there is a lot of difference between the two. Let us look at the difference between mass communication and journalism.

Difference between mass communication and journalism

  • Mass communication is basically about the dissemination of information to the masses at local, national and international levels.
  • On the other hand journalism is more concerned with giving meaningful information to the people in general.
  • The approach of journalism is more predictable and emphasizes information and facts.
  • Mass communication is more about letting the creative side in you take over and influence the information to be disseminated to the public

Even though there is not really a clear cut difference between journalism and mass communication, but journalism is more towards reporting the news for different mediums like newspaper, television or magazines, while mass communication is a much broader field which encompasses radio, graphics, films, television, online media, documentaries and much more.

Eligibility criteria for mass communication courses

The eligibility criteria are different in different colleges but they mostly depend on the following factors:

  • Undergraduate course – for these courses you simply need to successfully complete the class 12th from any board
  • Post graduate course – The candidate should be below 30 years of age and should have completed Bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Some colleges also prefer work experience in some work related to the media

Job prospects

The mass media industry is doing quite well these days and predictions are that it will continue to do so for quite some time. The students who earn a degree in mass communication can expect to build a career in public relations, films, television, journalism, publishing, editing direction etc. One thing you should bear in mind that in this field strong people skills and a head for communication is a must and candidates possessing these will be given preference over others. The aspirants need to be energetic, skillful and creative. The different job profiles offered to graduates in mass communication are as follows:

Sound engineer, film director, public relations officer, TV correspondent, Art Director, Editor, Event manager, Video jockey, radio jockey, Cartoonist, fashion photographer, illustrator, Critic and more
The organizations that students can look forward to working with after completing any of the mass communication courses in Delhi include –Central information service, New agencies, Press information bureau, Photography companies, TV channels, Newspapers and other similar ones.

Usually the colleges providing mass communication courses help the candidates in making an informed choice regarding the different subjects that they want to learn. At the same time, you can also take the help of a good educational consultant in order to choose a good mass communication college and also an appropriate course.

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